4 Brave and Unusual things to do when Staying at Zimbali.



Enjoy brave and unusual activities near Zimbali Coastal Resort


This artificial surf wave located at the northern end of the Gateway Shopping Centre is just the place to go if you are cruising for a bruising. The Double break on land surfing spot makes use of strong water jets to create a perfect never ending barrel. 

Although it looks easy, be aware, you might end up as crowd entertainment as your bare butt bounces through the surf and you get spit out the back while your cozzie bottoms end up in the drain.





There is a secret beach along the shoreline of Umhlanga Rocks, hidden away from the general public and quite a mission to gain access to. The waters are crystal clear like bath water setting the scene for some good clean “kaalgat” fun.

Nudist see nudism as asexual so if you are not a “card carrying” nudist please stay away and even more, leave the camera at home.

Also remember the cops will chuck your flabby butt in jail as public nudity is still illegal in South Africa. The spot is used mostly by locals and is not exactly a tourist attraction. If you need directions ask a local.  Be aware the spot is isolated and please ensure that you are safe all the time.





Not scared of a little height? The Dolphin Coast of South Africa is a magnificent stretch, where sandy beaches and the Indian Ocean put on an extraordinary show. All of this scenic loveliness can be experienced by soaring over it in the absolute freedom of a microlight.

If you would like to book for more than one person to fly at the same time(ie simultaneously), please let the operator know in advance so they can try to accommodate your request. Minimum age is 9, and maximum weight 120kg.

Clothing depends on the weather. Always advisable to wear closed shoes, long pants and bring a warm top/sweater or windbreaker with. But on a hot day, we fly in shorts, T-shirts and sandals. It also depends on how long you choose to fly. Even on a warm day, flights longer than 20 min can become chilly.





It is official there are people that love beer more than you, in fact a lot more! Ursula and Gary from Great Railroad, Brewing Company loved beer so much that they gave up careers in the corporate word to pursue their passion.
Here you can sample a Bohemian Pilsner (I never thought those two word would ever work in a sentence), an Irish Red Ale and a Marzen Pilsner amongst others.

Note: It is important to forget what you were told during your “fancy” wine tasting tour in the Winelands, when it comes to beer, we swallow, every drop of it, and then we politely ask for more!

It is important to have a designated driver as you might not be able to navigate your way back to Zimbali in a safe manner. “Takeaways” are available in 440ml bottles but if you are anything like me, you can go home with a 5 litre party keg or two.



Book your next stay at Zimbali Suites and try out all these and many other wonderful activities in the area  We’re excited to welcome you!


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