Escape The City Hustle At Zimbali

Are you a city dweller in need of a break?

Chasing pavements and slowly climbing the corporate ladder? Your day starts with the rude blare of an alarm or the constant honking of cars as they speed by. People mill around at every corner rushing like a colony of ants into their own area of work. You’ve put all your effort in your work and now you’re tired.

Are you already thinking that you need an escape from the city hustle and bustle even though it is only January?

Well we’ve got just the place for you. Use your unused or upcoming leave days effectively and book yourself into a luxury holiday accommodation here at Zimbali.

“But why Zimbali?” you might wonder.  Because Zimbali is the perfect place to escape city life and capitalise on the beauty of nature whilst enjoying world class amenities.


Zimbali greenery


Zimbali  is a sanctuary of trees and ocean breeze.

Zimbali Resort is situated amid a natural coastal forest with an abundance of indigenous wildlife. The trees offer a fresh scent to the air, couple that with the whiff of ocean fragrance, and you’re in heaven.

Take a stroll and venture out into the nature trails and bask in the relaxed atmosphere provided by the canopy of trees.

Tune your ears to the chorus of the magnificent birds that reside in the evergreen. Trade your slacks for a pair of shorts and follow the beckoning call of the ocean’s roar. Sink your feet in the sand and channel your inner calm to the rhythmic sound of the crashing waves.



Zimbali is tucked away from noisy city living.

Secluded from the busy nature of city life, Zimbali offers a sense of privacy and stillness. Yet, you need not worry about being bored. The amenities on offer at Zimbali are world class!

There are also an abundance of activities in and around the surrounding area to enjoy and de-stress from your normal city live. Socialize and entertain friends at one of our nine versatile restaurants for your dining pleasure.

Relax and find peace as the weight of the world falls away. You are in the perfect place to recharge your batteries in order to tackle your busy life back in the City.


So pack your bags and make your way to Zimbali and experience paradise.

Make Zimbali your personal luxury nature retreat, with panoramic views of the warm Indian Ocean, tranquil lakes, flowing waterfalls plus the endless stretch of the secluded Zimbali beach.

You will not be disappointed.

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