The Holiday Bill Of Rights

In the spirit of Human Rights Day we have created a Holiday Bill of Rights.

As a responsible citizen we always have to be cognisant of our fellow citizens and that is also why in South Africa we have entrenched in our constitution the Bill of Rights and we celebrate this every March.

However when you’re on holiday, vacationing or taking a break from your everyday life, we would love to think that normal rules do not apply.

So with the upcoming Human Rights Public Holiday in mind we thought it’s time for some new rules, it’s time to get what you deserve!  It is time for a Holiday Bill of Rights.

*That Zimbali Holiday Homes has all these basic rights covered is only coincidence.

1.The Right To Luxury Accommodation


You’ve looked at (and ignored) that faded curtain far too many times. You knock your elbow against the corner table every second day.  When you squint your eye the crack in the wall kind of resembles a creature of the wild. Does any of this sound familiar?

When you’re on holiday you deserve better.

You have the right to luxury accommodation.

We’re talking light airy air conditioned rooms and inviting interiors. Comfy plump sofas and luxurious beds covered in fresh scented sheets.

2.The Right To Eat With Reckless Abandonment


Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of eating that same old basic rice dish 4 times a week.

It’s time to lay that boring diet aside and enjoy some good food.

Explore the menu of a new restaurant and let those culinary wizards whip you up a mouth watering meal fit for a king.

Have dessert for breakfast just for the fun of it! And for lunch, and made even supper. Treat yourself!

In moderation of course, you still want to recognise yourself in the mirror.

3.The Right to Space – Plenty of Space


You’ve been cooped up in that stuffy office for long enough.

It’s time to see the sun. 

Breath some fresh air. 

Stretch some legs.

Sink your feet in warm beach sand. Let your feet carry you through winding nature trails and lush green gardens. It’s time to find stillness in wide open spaces.

Taking a couple breaths in a fresh new environment is sure to revive you and give you a new zest for life.

It’s your divine right to be reunited with the tender love and open spaces of Mother Nature.

4.The Right to Great Weather


Live in a busy, stuffy city?

Are you confronted by cold winds or bitter rains and pollution? 

Is Summer turning into Autumn and all the leaves are disappearing? 

Is Winter slowly creeping in and green is no longer the colour that surrounds you?

Well head on down to the coast and enjoy blue skies and clear starry nights and lush green vegetation.

It’s not coincidence that every holiday brochure is centered around clear blue skies. Great weather equals great vibes and great fun.

So come down to KwaZulu-Natal where the summer never ends and experience the good side of life!

Now that you know your rights. Pack your bags and make good on your holiday rights.






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