Soak Up The Last of the Summer

The second month of the year has come and gone and soon the summer will be no more.

Let’s be honest. The way the heat has been searing our skin, we’re all about ready to see the summer gone. But when the sun retreats to the recesses of the skies and the chill settles in, you will long for these warm summer days.

And what will you remember? How you hid indoors to escape the heat? How you lay on your

bed blasting the fan, banishing the fire of hell out of your household?

No! Today you’re going to make memories in the sun. We’re going to soak up the last of the summer while we still can.


Visit Your Nearest Beach


When you think of summer, you think of the beach. And rightly so. The warmth of the sun coupled with cool blue waters is perfection.

So visit the beach one last time before it becomes to cold to enjoy the

waves and scenery.

Here at Zimbali we have a great private beach for our residents to enjoy, however any old beach will do. As long as you’re out there in the sun.

Be sure to carry some sunblock with you, the sun is relentless this season.


Prepare Family Picnic


Summer is the time for outdoor activities. So while the weather permits, let’s

have a picnic.

Find a park in you area. Find a shaded secluded area or maybe even a garden. It’s as simple as walking to the tree at the other side of your lawn. A blanket, a selection of eateries and a couple of refreshments and suddenly we’ve got an inviting scene.

Shaded under a tree with birds chirping and light breeze blowing, it’s a dreamA picnic is a perfect way to connect with nature and with your company.


Host A Braai


Tell me, what’s more South African than a lekker braai?

The answer to the question is nothing! So gather up your closest friends and family and maybe that neighbour you despise and show them what a real braai looks like.

Some good food and good company never hurt anybody. Get some sizzling meat on those  hot coals and throw in a few meilies for a bit of a healthier vegetarian friendly option.

Have an afternoon filled with laughs and good humour that flows right into the evening. A day well spent in my opinion.



So don’t waste any more time moaning  about the heat of the sun. But rather enjoy it

while it lasts with these simple and easy activities. Now get on with it!

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